Welcome to NAG Homepage
Welcome to NAG Homepage

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Founded in 1991, NAG Inc. is a technology-consulting firm that specializes in providing geospatial and data visualization solutions and support services to federal, state, regional and local government agencies and private businesses in transportation, administrative services, economic development, community development, public utilities and public safety.

NAG helps these agencies leverage the latest real-time sharing technology, which increases the speed, the access, the accuracy and the overall management of data, and allows them to make better decisions that shape the future.

What sets NAG apart from other technology companies is its powerful use of real time intelligence: its ability to leverage available technology in data managing and mining for the purpose of developing usable intelligence in real time, and doing it in a way that is far more advanced than anything being used today.


For more than 24 years, NAG has provided data visualization solutions to federal, state, regional and local government agencies, and private industries. Our solution verticals include:


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